Surfdog Licensing

Television / Film Music

Jay Leno’s Garage / NBC
Gotham / Fox
Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever / Lifetime
US Open – Tennis
Lincoln Mercury: Summer Sales Drive (TV Commercial)
American Idol
So You Think You Can Dance
Boondockers 9
The Hangover – major motion picture trailer
Dancing with the Stars
Eastbound & Down
The Good Guys
Soul Surfer
Castle / ABC
Monsters vs. Aliens (music video)
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
ER episode / NBC
College Life / MTV
Vans Cup / Fuel TV
Royal Pains / USA
8 Simple Rules / ABC
Rachel Ray
Audition (video game)
The Cho Show / VH1
Scrubs / ABC
Lost Boys 2: The Tribe / LB2 Films
Pushing Daisies / ABC
The Cho Show / Vh1
Buzzed / MTV
Project Gary / CBS
So You Think You Can Dance / Fox
Queen Sized / Lifetime
P.S. I Love You / Warner Bros. Pictures
What About Brian / ABC
Ping Pong Playa / Cherry Sky Films
Beyond the Break / The N
Lincoln Mercury: Summer Sales Drive (TV Commercial)
Boston Legal / ABC
Boondockers 3
Vertical Ascent / 509 Films
Booty Call
Ritz Cracker / Kraft
Miller Brewing Co.
Fred Claus / Warner Bros. Pictures
Wild Hogs / Touchstone Pictures
Passions / NBC
Friday Night Lights / NBC
Norbit / Dreamworks
Scrubs / NBC
Not Just Another Teen Movie / Columbia Pictures
Dude, Where’s My Car? / 20th Century Fox
Mission Impossible 2 / Paramount Pictures
Me, Myself and Irene / 20th Century Fox
Stuart Little / Columbia Tristar
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / UPN
The Real World / MTV
Providence / NBC
Wonderful World of Disney / ABC
Varsity Blues / MTV
Major League Baseball World Series / 20th Century Fox
NFL / 20th Century Fox
Meet the Deedles / Disney
Jingle All the Way / 20th Century Fox
Swingers 2 / Miramax
Phone Booth / 20th Century Fox
Surfer Girl / MTV
North Shore / WB
Spring Break the Movie / MTV
Laurel Canyon / Sony Pictures
Adrenalina TV / CBS
Tom Green Show / MTV
Santa Clause 2 / Disney
Smallville / WB
Tough Enough 3 / MTV
Boston Public / 20th Century Fox
Black Sash / WB
Las Vegas / NBC
Pray For Me, Jason Jesse / Independent Film
Santa Clause 3 / Disney
Unaccompanied Minors / Warner Bros.
Monarch Cove / Lifetime

Action Sports Video / Film Music / Games

EA – Rock Band
Step Into Liquid
Boondockers 9
Vans Cup At Tahoe
Highwater / Surf Film
MLB ’07 – The Show (video game)
Fox Sports
Madden NFL (video game)
Taylor Steele’s Hit & Run
Mack Dawg’s The Resistance
TB9 by Mike Hatchett/Standard Films
Further by Teton Gravity Research
Revelation by Bill Ballard
Lincoln Ueda by Laban Pheidas
Loose Change by Taylor Steele
Gravity Games Video Series (Freestyle Moto-X, Skateboarding, BMX, Thrills and Spills, Snowboarding)
The Xploders
TB 8 Snowboarding “Infinity”
Surf NRG
Quiksilver ’99
Billabong’s Sabotaj
Girl Jam
Mini Warriors Motocross
Endless Summer 2

Action Sports Music Supervision, Concert Promotions, and Licensing for:

ESPN Monday Night Football
Feast Week Presented by Lowe’s 2006 Great Alaska Shootout Basketball
NBA Shootaround
X Games
Theme Song/Winter

Gravity Games

Mervyn’s California Beach Bash
Lee Pipe’s Soul Bowl
Women’s Professional Soccer Championships

Fox Sports Network
Fox Sports College Football
Fox Sports College Football Kickoff Show
College Football
Pokerdome Challenge
Bluetorch Rush Hour
Board Wild
Extreme 16mm
Surf the Planet
Invert TV
Extreme Sports TV

ABC-ESPN NBA “Game of the Week”

USA Network
Core Culture

EMAP-USA/Trimark Pictures
Gravity Games
Film & DVD Series

Action Sports Retailer
Trade Expo

Pacific Sunwear
Winter X-Games 2000 Music Compilation
CD Promotion

Video Games
Guitar Hero 2

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