Surfdog Entertainment Marketing (SDE)

SDE is an entertainment and lifestyle marketing agency based in Encinitas, California. Our mission: To help leading companies discover new ways of expanding their reach through credible brand integration within a variety of lifestyle movements and markets. By carefully managing this process, SDE ensures that brand integrity is maintained while being “woven into the fabric” of burgeoning cultures. SDE prides itself on the ability to develop and implement creative, non-traditional, grassroots programs aimed at building brand awareness and increasing consumer loyalty. Both on-site and online, SDE strategically designs marketing platforms within such trendsetting movements as Urban Automotive Culture, Gaming, Action Sports, Traditional Sports, Music, Film and Fashion. Because giving back to the community is an important aspect of our business, SDE supports and works with such non-profit organizations as the Surfrider Foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation, and other groups trying to make a positive difference in today’s world.

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