Crazy For Christmas!



“[Crazy For Christmas has] a joyously irreverent charm …[and is] a warm reminder of just how consistent, steady, and poignantly funny Hicks can be; any season of the year.” – All Music Guide


“Hicks and the Hot Licks create a sound that evokes images of Mr. Natural truckin’ along and Django Reinhardt puffing on a cigarette, playing music so rhythmic and bouncy that it could make a cadaver dance.” – American Songwriter

“One of the better Christmas albums to come down the pike in several years, combining classic sounds, a warm voice, and impeccable talent.” – Stereo Subversion

Hailed as, “The eternal hipster, purveyor of the drollest and most swingin’ tunes the rock generation ever enjoyed” (Minneapolis Star Tribune), Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks have hijacked the holidays and created a Christmas album you’ll enjoy all year long. Released on October 12, 2010 through Surfdog Records, Crazy For Christmas is classic Hot Licks, full of the same dry wit and musical brilliance that has defined Dan Hicks’ music for the past four decades and established him as one of American music’s true cult heroes.

“You may not be able to believe in Santa anymore, but thanks to Hicks and the Hot Licks you can still believe in the infinitely more valuable vibe and spirit that the Fat Man represents.” – Premier Guitar

“A Christmas record that sounds antic and deadpan, engaged and tossed off, almost magically laid-back. (Gonzalo Bergara’s Django Reinhardt-like solos ensure the professionalism.)” – New York Times

“Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks’ shiny, new Crazy for Christmas (Surfdog) is perfect for those who like their eggnog stiff and their wit dry.” – Pacific Sun

“Necessary for any holiday hipster.” – Mountain Times “a devilish twist to holiday classics.” – Metro Weekly

“The perfect accompaniment to a holiday martini gathering.” – LA Times

“Simply put: nobody else in this world – nobody – sounds like [Dan Hicks]” –

“[an] unholy combination of Mose Allison, Django Reinhardt and Frank Zappa.” – There Stands The Glass

“Crazy For Christmas makes you want to put on your shades (even if it’s snowing) and just lean against a wall snapping your fingers.” – Country Standard Time

“By far my favorite new holiday album, Crazy for Christmas, stands up to repeat listens, which really makes it a seasonal anomaly. It’s going in the “play it every year” file. – Lincoln Journal STar

“This CD is that rarest of beasts: a good Christmas record.” – Suite 101 “an unqualified delight.” – San Diego Untion-Tribune

“a holiday album that defines the term ‘instant classic.’” – CBS Street Date

“Perhaps your holiday celebrations get a little rowdy. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks have got you covered.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

“a classic in the making with its signature sense of humor and witty word that we’ve come to expect from Hicks.” – Glide Magazine

“Perhaps your holiday celebrations get a little rowdy. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks have got you covered.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine


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