Sublime are announcing a new partnership with California based cannabis company The Healing Plant, a licensed manufacturer of cannabis products for California’s adult use and medical marijuana marketplace. A curated line of consumable products with an emphasis on medicinal and healing properties will launch early Spring 2022.

“There are so many artist/cannabis deals out there but, for Sublime, we wanted to find a true creative collaboration with someone who really understood the deep musical and cultural significance of Sublime’s legacy,” said Surfdog/DKM management’s Scott Seine. “After 4 years of searching, we’re happy we found this with Robert Taft, Jr. and The Healing Plant, whose mission to prioritize the healing and medicinal qualities of cannabis was of paramount importance to the band.”

“Sublime has its own weed now! I mean, what more needs to be said other than light ‘em up!!” drummer Bud Gaugh said. “Time to ‘Smoke Two Joints.’”

“It is a given that Sublime would have its own cannabis line, but we waited until we found the perfect partner with the Healing Plant,” Troy denDekker (Bradley Nowell’s widow) adds. “Our line will consist of not only what is wanted but what is needed to help heal!”

“This brand is going to bring you Sublime’s ‘Greatest Hits’ of recreational cannabis, as well as a full line of medicinal products that will benefit people fighting opioid and heroin addiction, a very important driven line, especially for the community of artists in memory of Bradley Nowell himself,” said Robert Taft, Jr. founder and CEO of The Healing Plant, commenting on behalf of his strategic partnership for this effort with Robert Knohl.

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