Eric Clapton

Released: March 10, 1998

Pilgrim is the thirteenth solo studio album by Eric Clapton, released on 10 March 1998. The album features all-new studio-recorded material, the first to do so since Clapton’s 1989 hit album Journeyman and was nominated for several music awards. It was one of Clapton’s most commercially successful albums, reaching the Top 10 in twenty-two countries.

Track Listing

1. My Father’s Eyes
2. River of Tears
3. Pilgrim
4. Broken Hearted
5. One Chance
6. Circus
7. Goin’ Down Slow
8. Fall Like Rain
9. Born In Time
10. Sick and Tired
11. Needs His Woman
12. She’s Gone
13. You Were There
14. Inside of Me

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