Loose Change Soundtrack

Released: January 25, 2000

Track Listing

1. Jack Johnson “Middle Man”
2. Blink 182 “Dancing With Myself”
3. Pennywise “My Own Country”
4. Sprung Monkey “American Made”
5. Pivit “Cyber Christ”
6. Furious IV “Twenty IV”
7. Los Infernos “Demons”
8. Flogging Molly “Devil’s Dance Floor”
9. doubleDrive “Stand By”
10. Scotch Greens “The Professional”
11. Rocket From The Crypt “Heads Are Gonna Roll”
12. Supersuckers “Stuff N Nonsense”
13. Road Kings “Hurdy Gurdy Monkey Shine”
14. Jeremy Kay “Only One”
15. Fluf “Stand In Your Line”

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