Live from Madison Square Garden

Eric Clapton

Released: May 19, 2009

Live from Madison Square Garden is a double CD and DVD live album by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, which was released on 19 May 2009. The album is made up of recordings from Clapton and Winwood’s performances at Madison Square Garden in February 2008. It is Clapton’s ninth live album and Winwood’s first live album as a solo artist.

The duo performed songs from their time in the band Blind Faith as well as selections from Traffic, Derek and the Dominos, Clapton’s and Winwood’s solo careers and some rock and blues covers. Their band consisted of Willie Weeks on bass, Ian Thomas on drums and Chris Stainton on keyboards.

Track Listing

1. Had to Cry Today (Live)
2. Low Down (Live)
3. Them Changes (Live)
4. Forever Man (Live)
5. Sleeping in the Ground (Live)
6. Presence of the Lord (Live)
7. Glad (Live)
8. Well All Right (Live)
9. Double Trouble (Live)
10. Pearly Queen (Live)
11. Tell the Truth (Live)
12. No Face, No Name, No Number (Live)
13. After Midnight (Live)
14. Split Decision (Live)
15. Rambling on My Mind (Live)
16. Georgia on My Mind (Live)
17. Little Wing (Live)
18. Voodoo Chile (Live)
19. Can’t Find My Way Home (Live)
20. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Live)
21. Cocaine (Live)

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