Step Into Liquid Soundtrack

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In a documentary shot in waters all over the globe, director Dana Brown takes on tall waves and surfers who live to challenge them. The film treks from the Irish coast, where a trio of American brothers take on the Atlantic surf, to Rapa Nui in the Pacific, where the Easter Island statues gaze out at board-riding daredevils. Brown also finds good surfing in unlikely places, like Wisconsin and Texas, and charts the rise of female surfers in a sport traditionally dominated by males.

Track Listing
1. Dana Brown
2. Original Score- Step Into Liquid
3. Wayne Patrick Murphy
4. Only One- Jeremy Kay
5. Robert August
6. Dracula From Houston- Butthole Surfers
7. Gerry Lopez
8. Original Score- Endlessly
9. Dave Kalama
10. (The Legend Of) Johnny Kool (Part 2)- Brian Setzer
11. Rochelle Ballard
12. Cinecitta- Steve Stevens
13. Rabbit Kekai
14. Submission- Ash
15. Gerry Lopez
16. Touched- Vast
17. Sam George
18. Mellow Mood- Slightly Stoopid (featuring G Love)
19. Stoked Irish Kid
20. Original Score- Irish Waves
21. Kelly Slater
22. Call Of The Wave- Malibooz
23. Gerry Lopez
24. Windshield Wipers- Jackpot
25. Layne Beachley
26. Back To You- Jeremy Kay
27. Dava Kalama
28. Life Is A Miracle- Pato Banton