Jackpot – Shiny Things


Rusty Miller had been best known for his slithering guitar work on Cake’s hit single “Never There” before the formation of Jackpot. Guitarist/vocalist Miller, bassist Sheldon Cooney, drummer Mike Curry, and keyboardist Lee Bob Watson began the group in the late ’90s as an alternative country-rock band. Releasing Boneville in 1999, the band disliked the sound and dismissed it as a “really crappy four-track thing.” 2000’s Weightless was much more in tune with what they had envisioned, and by 2002’s Shiny Things they had hit their stride as a somewhat experimental version of their initial sound. Two years later, Miller and Jackpot returned with their fourth album, titled F+. ~ Bradley Torreano


1. Far Far Away
2. Hide In The Frequency
3. Sometimes
4. Psycho Ballerina
5. Pennies
6. When You Leave
7. Tattoos
8. Throw Away Your Misery
9. Fleas On The Tail Of Time
10. Sideways
11. Big House
12. Bring On The Chimes