Dave Stewart – The Black Bird Diaries


The August 2011 release of Stewart’s own record, The Blackbird Diaries (Razor & Tie/Surfdog Records/Weapons of Mass Entertainment) is his first solo project in over 13 years, and was recorded with some of Nashville’s top players in a whirlwind five-day session at John and Martina McBride’s Blackbird studio. The album, written by Stewart (with a co-write assist by Bob Dylan and guest appearances by Stevie Nicks, Martina McBride, Colbie Caillat, and the Secret Sisters) is a reflective and story-driven journey, with nods to his blues inspirations, the price of success, and relationships both lost and found.

Additionally, Stewart filmed a companion movie for the album also entitled The Blackbird Diaries. Featuring performances of the songs and a look at the making of the record, the tongue-in-cheek film involves both a fortuneteller (played by Joss Stone) and a hypnotist (Diane Birch). For Stewart, the film is simply another creative outlet. “I used to document everything, even back in the Eurythmics days,” he says. “I think filming and writing music are all part of the same process.”

  1. So Long Ago
  2. Beast Called Fame
  3. Magic In The Blues
  4. All Messed Up
  5. Stevie Baby
  6. Cheaper Than Free
  7. The Gypsy Girl And Me
  8. One Way Ticket To The Moon
  9. Bulletproof Vest
  10. Worth The Waiting For
  11. The Well
  12. Country Wine
  13. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head