Burning of Rome – With Us


The Burning of Rome began modestly as Adam Traub’s recording project in a laundry room in Oceanside, CA. It rapidly outgrew the four-track tape recorder on which it was born and demanded his complete devotion, as well as some talented extra-musical hands, to bring it to life. Enter the Romans: Oft barefoot ax wielder Joe Aguilar, whose specialties include scratchy guitar licks and spastic dancing. French bass man Keveen Baudouin, whose metronomic mind produces calculated bass lines with intelligence and fury. Slacker-era siren Aimee Jacobs who belts with operatic force while hammering on her glockenspiel and synthesizers. Zen guru Danny King, shredder behind the kit, who is, quite obviously, the terrestrial answer to the octopus. And Traub, manipulator of keyboard, guitar, light system—the proverbial kitchen sink through an amplifier—all while demonstrating a vocal gradation as yet undocumented elsewhere in nature. Mix this all together and you have space rockers, The Burning of Rome blasting their phonic waves at unsuspecting humanoids in Southern California for the past few years.

  1. Ballad Of An Onion Sprout
  2. Little Piranhas
  3. Cowboys & Cut Cigars
  4. Norman Bates
  5. Wake Up Edamame
  6. Island
  7. Why Can’t I Stop Killing My Friends?
  8. Audrey II
  9. Opus For Sleepwalking
  10. The Universe Is Made Of Nonsense
  11. Untitled
  12. Ballad Of An Onion Sprout [Alternative Mix]