Brian Setzer’s “Rockabilly Riot! Live From The Planet” CD


Brian Setzer’s smash hit “Rockabilly Riot!” tour saw him rock four different continents: Europe, North America, Japan, and Australia! We took the very best from every show to put together this amazing album! It’s an all-out assault. An overcharged and thrilling attack of American rock n’ roll. This lineup includes two (YES TWO!) slappin’ stand-up bassists (each bringing some extra thump to the party,) two (YES TWO!) drummers, one being none other than Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom, and an on-fire boogie-woogie piano. 

Check out the scorchin’ tracks:

1. Ignition (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
2. ’49 Mercury Blues (Calgary, Canada)
3. This Cat’s On A Hot Tin Roof (Edmonton, Canada)
4. Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder) (Adelaide, Australia)
5. 8-Track (Bordeaux, France)
6. Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues (Austin, Texas, USA)
7. Put Your Cat Clothes On (Seattle, Washington, USA)
8. Blue Moon of Kentucky (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
9. Pickpocket (Stockholm, Sweden)
10. Rumble in Brighton (Tokyo, Japan)
11. Runaway Boys (Portland, Oregon, USA)
12. Cry Baby (Zurich, Switzerland)
13. Great Balls Of Fire (Sydney, Australia)
14. Red Hot (Amsterdam, Holland)
15. Seven Nights to Rock (Wichita, Kansas, USA)

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