Blush – Blush


A year after forming, the northern Ohio-based trio, along with bassist Brian Risko, issued a five-song self-titled EP on Surfdog. A positive response to the release — two of its tracks later appeared on the MTV reality show Tough Enough and the ABC sitcom Eight Simple Rules — led the band to appear on select Warped Tour dates in 2002 and headline shows on Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboard Tour. Jayson Benn became Blush’s official bassist in 2003, while second guitarist (and youngest Cushman brother) Gavin joined Blush’s ranks during the writing of their debut full-length. Recording for the album was completed in late 2005; hooking up with Cleveland’s Rust Records, the band released From the Falls to the Path in March 2006.


1. Living For This
2. Look At Me
3. Beyond Tomorrow
4. Alarm
5. Call Me Yours
6. Why
7. Awoke
8. Gone
9. This Time
10. Emergency
11. Last Time Baby
12. Right Side
13. Loveliness