New Album From The Burning of Rome: With Us


The Burning of Rome - With Us

“With Us” is out now!

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  • Adam Traub: Vocals, Keyboards
  • Joe Aguilar: Guitar, Vocals
  • Aimee Jacobs: Keyboards, Vocals
  • Lee Williams: Drums

“A post-apocalyptic mash-up of meticulous orchestration, electronic manipulation and eccentric experimentation” – 944 Magazine

“Gypsy punk rife with keys and rasping vocals” – Paste Magazine.

Are just some of the ways The Burning of Rome have been described. Music creator Adam Traub grew up in San Diego, CA and at age 15 he was already playing guitar in the punk band Nobody’s Hero, signed to Arista Records. It all came to a halt when he was diagnosed with a rare muscular disorder in both legs. He was thrown into a world of medical chaos, 7 surgeries and 6 titanium bolts later, Traub was faced with a long grueling recovery. During that time he would play an old upright piano and would hobble over to figure out Beatles songs. Beatles eventually turned to Chopin. Chopin eventually turned into Thelonious Monk. And Thelonious eventually turned into The Burning of Rome.

As a songwriter music is a therapeutic way for me to cope with the world around me. Ever since I was a child I felt like an alien visiting Earth and had (and still have) difficulty understanding what makes people normal. I opted to rebel against the norm through music; it was the only thing that made sense to me.

“With Us” was recorded in LA at EastWest studios, produced by Adam Traub and Tom Biller, mixed by Dave Darling (Tom Waits, Jack Johnson, Brian Setzer) with additional remixes by Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers, Sublime, U2, Meat Puppets, Pepper). The band ended up in the same room that ‘Pet Sounds” was tracked in 40 years prior. There was an intense energy throughout the recording process. Periodically Flea, who was recording with Red Hot Chili Peppers in the other half of the studio, or Anthony Kiedis would check in for small talk. Even a nod from Rick Rubin by the coffee machine was a major inspiration. Challenged by the surrounding greatness “With Us” evolved.

The Burning of Rome follows no suit or trend. They attempt to do the opposite, challenging conventionalism. Prepare for something manic and theatrical when you see them live.

They have been lucky enough to open for acts they admire such as The Black Keys, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Devo, MGMT, Skrillex, Suicidal Tendencies and Jimmy Eat World.

“The ultimate goal of The Burning of Rome” is to reach as many people as possible with our sound and offer musical asylum to those needing it. Bands used to carry the banner for their followers in a way that seems fleeting. There aren’t any Joe Strummers of this generation acting as a voice for those that can’t be heard. I want The Burning of Rome to carry a banner for its followers and give them refuge from monotony. I want to rally the masses and call out the corrupt. I want a revolution to spark from this band! – Adam Traub

Check out the video for their first single, Ballad of an Onion Sprout below.

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