Michael Franti Rocks Banding Together/Surfdog’s ‘Soundcheck Jams’ at the Belly Up Tavern! (3)
Michael Franti recently joined Banding Together/Surfdog’s “Soundcheck Jams” performing his hit ‘Say Hey (I Love You)’ at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Soundcheck Jams, a program in association with Surfdog, provides music therapy to special needs children. Watch the performance in its entirety below!

Photos courtesy of Evoke Emotion Photography

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_07_FB (1) (3)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_04_FB (1)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_08_FB (1)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_05_FB (2)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_14_FB (2)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_15_FB (1)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_16_FB (1)

EvokeEmotionPhoto_MichaelFranti_SoundCheck_17_FB (1)

Photos courtesy of Evoke Emotion Photography 


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