DS & DC – Two boys, no cows in Nashville

After been introduced to each other by Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Stewart visited songwriter and producer Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Cher, KISS, The Rasmus) this week from Tuesday to Friday in Nashville to write songs for Cindy Gomez, the first artist launched “from inside a cell phone” as Dave calls it. The two had never even spoken on the phone before they met:

“We just e-mailed each other and then he jumped on a plane and he’s staying at my house,” Child says. “We’re like two peas in a pod. “Dave is one of the most creative geniuses I have ever met and he just can’t stop creating. Every other sentence he is inventing something new and he has a new angle. Every song lyric is like another fashion line or restaurant or toy or computer game. He is a constant fountain of exciting forward-thinking ideas.”

This has been the first time Stewart has been able to spend a few days in Nashville: “I’m having a great time here,” he says. “I’ve only been to Nashville when I would play, arrive in the night and leave in the morning. This is my first introductory few days. I am coming back.”

As a songwriter from the north of England, Stewart says his folk music background helps him understand the country song structure: “A lot of folk music up in the north had this kind of storytelling thing,” he says. “It’s interesting because I’m looking at my whole catalog and seeing this eclectic group of songs that I’ve written, and I’ve decided to go on a writing sojourn. I really do lots of things, and writing is obviously a source of great joy and something I love doing. I am giving myself a year of just writing all sorts of things.” (My Tennessean)

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