Check out “A Clapton Christmas” TV Special on MTV Live/ MTV Classic

A Clapton Christmas” premieres on MTV Live/MTV Classic tonight! The TV special will feature Eric discussing the making of his first-ever Christmas album, Happy Xmas, as well as, special performance videos and more! Check out the schedule below.

MTV Live

11/16/2018 Friday at 9 PM EST
11/16/2018 Friday at 12 AM EST
11/18/2018 Sunday at 11:30 AM EST
11/19/2018 Monday at 1:30 PM EST
11/22/2018 Thursday at 8 AM EST

MTV Classic

11/16/2018 Friday at 8 PM EST/PST (Dual Feed)
11/19/2018 Monday at 4 PM EST/PST (Dual Feed)
11/20/2018 Tuesday at 9 PM EST/PST (Dual Feed)
11/21/2018 Wednesday at 11 AM EST/PST (Dual Feed)
11/22/2018 Thursday at 5 PM EST/PST (Dual Feed)

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