Celebrating 20 Years of MOM!!

In 1996, Dave Kaplan (Surfdog Founder) and Pierce Flynn (CEO Surfrider Foundation) got together to produce the first MOM (Music For Our Mother Ocean) album. They started with nothing except a dream to help their beloved Mother Ocean! When fellow surfers Eddie Vedder and Perry Farrell joined the mission, the project was off and running. They were later joined by No Doubt, Beastie Boys, Ramones, Soundgarden and tons of other iconic alternative bands. Surfdog donated the proceeds from album sales to the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Click here for more information and to join!

One of the many incredible stories behind ‘the making of’ MOM was that of Sublime.  The record was entirely finished and mastered when we received a call (out of nowhere) from Bradley Nowell.  Bradley explained that he was an impassioned surfer and ocean-lover and how meaningful it would be to him, personally, to be included.  He told us his band had a song (which turned out to be ‘Badfish’) that was perfect.  We told him we unfortunately had no more room on the cd and that the cover art was already completed, etc.  When he would not relent on his emotional plea, we finally said to ourselves, ‘How can we NOT include him and the band on our record?!’  So…we found a way to add the song (we’re so glad we did!) and, as you can note on the cover art, their name does not match the other bands on the cover due to it being drawn onto the already-completed artwork.  Thank goodness the name ‘Sublime’ came last alphabetically or (in the manual-art days before photoshop) it may have been impossible!

The MOM compilation album(s) led to one of the largest donations in Surfrider Foundation history. Two other MOM releases followed in subsequent years, featuring many of the biggest musical artists in the world. Check out the documentary below!