RIP Bruce Brown 1937 – 2017

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
It’s with a heavy heart to hear about the passing of the father of Surf filmmaking, Bruce Brown.

We had the pleasure working with Brown very closely on Endless Summer II and with him and his son Dana Step Into Liquid soundtrack.  Bruce was the most authentic and genuine person ever and with a heart bigger than the Pacific Ocean.  He’ll be forever in our hearts.  Love, Dave and all of us at Surfdog.

We also unearthed this note (from the liner notes of Step Into Liquid) showing Surfdog owner, Dave Kaplan’s affection for Bruce.

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot Headlining 2018 Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival!

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot! will be heading @Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival on Saturday May 19th at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis Maryland.

Brian Setzer hosts Yabba Dabba Yuletide holiday special SIRIUSXM Outlaw Country, Ch60!

Friday, December 8th, 2017

To celebrate his 14th annual “Christmas Rocks!” tour with his 19-piece big band and upcoming SiriusXM exclusive subscriber event at the legendary Troubadour in Hollywood, Brian Setzer hosts a one-hour special featuring his hand-picked holiday favorites of yore and tracks from more recent Christmas releases from the Brian Setzer Orchestra.


  • Friday 12/8 8 pm ET
  • Saturday 12/9 5 pm ET
  • Sunday 12/10 12 pm & 9pm ET

19 years ago today, Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was released!

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends was released today, Nov. 17th back in ’98!


The Brian Setzer Orchestra 14th Annual Christmas Rocks! Tour Is Underway!

Friday, November 10th, 2017

The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks tour presented by SiriusXM kicks off with a sold out show tonight in Brian’s hometown, Minneapolis, MN and then travels to 34 different cities. Click here to get the full list of tour dates!

Surfdog/DKM Welcomes Beat Root Revival

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Surfdog/DKM is excited to co-manage Beat Root Revival with Beachwood Entertainment Collective 

If you listen to the music of Beat Root Revival, you are going to hear a lot of different sounds. According to the duo’s Ben Jones, that isn’t just a coincidence.

“That’s really the kind of feel that we were going for. The reason we came up with our name was because of our style. The majority of our influences were very much roots based. Mine were the blues, rock and roll, and 60s kind of pop. Andrea comes from Ireland, and plays traditional instruments but uses them in a very universal fashion, creating a folk pop sound. We tried to blend all of the influences that both of us had in our style.”

The “Andrea” that Jones is referring to is his partner in the duo, Andrea Magee. She says that the two have been the perfect vocal fit for each other – as their passion for music is equally strong.

Music has long been important to both Jones and Magee. Andrea recalls that her exposure to music came rather early. “At the age of seven, I started playing the flute, and I started playing in bars in Ireland with my sister and my dad. A lot of my early years in music were in either classical or traditional Irish music. I studied music in school, got an honors degree in music, and became a music teacher, I was in charge of the music department in high school. I did that for about three years,” she said, until her students actually encouraged her to pursue her music as a career. For Jones, his introduction to music came a little bit later. “I got started being interested in music relatively late,” he says with a laugh. “I was about twelve.” What was guiding his influences? His father. “I was very fortunate to have my dad’s record collection as a starting point. I remember getting into The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Neil Young. By my teenage years, I was able to put all of those influences together.”

As it was, that love of music brought them together. “I was still a high school music teacher when I began to get involved in the local music scene in Kent and he was already working the music circuit, playing live shows,” said Magee, who ended up opening up a show for Jones’s band. From that point, the musical chemistry was obvious. “We wound up sharing each other’s’ songs, and we were both fascinated by the fact that we were both pushing our own material. And we used this to drive each other forward.”

After word of mouth concerning their performances began to spread in their native United Kingdom, Ben and Andrea decided do take a chance and see what musical adventures they could find in America. Andrea admitted that the trip was everything she thought it would be. “It was wonderful. I have always been drawn to the United States and knew I wanted to spend more time here because of the history of American music. What we were really taken by on a personal level was how welcoming and hospitable everyone was here, especially people in Austin, New Orleans, and Nashville. They really seemed to open their doors to us on a personal family level and treated us as a member of their community, which has been very invaluable when you’re a long way from home.”

Their first stop in the states was deep in the heart of Texas, visiting Austin. Ironically, they just happened to travel to the musical center of the Lone Star state when South by Southwest – one of the leading musical festivals in the country was going on. She admits it was a little bit of a culture shock. “We were just a little bit shellshocked when we walked up and down Sixth Street. We were so much in awe, and thought it was incredible. We were trying to get gigs, and we thought it was going to be impossible.”

However, thanks to the hospitality of a local taxi driver – who was willing to show them some of the musical hotspots, they did make some valuable connections – one of which led to a big performance. “We ended up talking to the owner of one of the clubs who asked us if we would be interested in opening for Dale Watson. So, that was our introduction to Austin. Then, he and his band were so taken with our sound that they asked us to come to the Continental to open for him – on our very first trip!”

While they were in Austin, they also established friendships with some of the most legendary musicians in the region. From there, they made a trip to New York, where a chance meeting would lead them to Nashville.

Beat Root Revival released their debut effort, Waiting On A Miracle, in the fall of 2014. The duo has traveled back to Austin to begin work on their follow up. Magee says she hopes the sophomore project will convey the growth that she feels the duo has made. “The first album was a snapshot of where we were at that point and time. We had only been together for a few months, so we just wanted to capture that eclectic group of sounds we had to offer at that point. Obviously, this new album is a progression. It’s a fully formed picture of where we are right now. We’ve gone from coast to coast and have had so many musical journeys so far.”

Jones agrees, saying they have definitely found their collective voice. “On a personal level, when we made the first album, we were just trying to bring two solo talents together. I think that over the past year, we’ve really developed our sound. We’ve worked out a way to celebrate our sound as two different artists that have come together. I think the new album will be very representative of that.” “The group continues that relentless search for authenticity in their sound – a drive that informs their creative approach. With each show they perform, the fan base continues to build – charming audiences from Europe to the U.S. with their impassioned concerts.

So for Ben and Andrea, the “Beat” definitely goes on!

JUST ANNOUNCED! Record Store Day Releases For Sublime and BSO

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
SUBLME Exclusive Black Friday Record Store Day Release
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of 40oz. To Freedom with this Double-LP Limited Edition Picture Disc, exclusively for Black Friday Record Store Day!

Pick it up at your local Record Store Day indie shops on November 24, 2017! Click here for more info.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra Exclusive Record Store Day Release

2017 marks the milestone 25th anniversary of The Brian Setzer Orchestra (BSO), and what better way to celebrate than with a 12″ single LP release!  25 Live! is an exclusive Black Friday Record Store Day release (out 11/24/17), packaged as a neon blue 12″ single LP and featuring two never-before-released live tracks by the BSO: “Let There Be Rock” and “Gene & Eddie”, this is a must-have for any Setzer or BSO fan!!

Support announced for this years Christmas Rocks! Tour

Monday, October 16th, 2017
The 14th Annual Christmas Rocks Tour presented by SiriusXM kicks off in Brian’s hometown Nov. 10 in Minneapolis.
We’re excited to have The Texas Gentlemen and The Church Sisters opening up on select dates. Click here to purchase tickets!

Hear Gary Hoey’s song in the new season of DICE!

Friday, October 13th, 2017
BIG shoutout to Showtime for using Gary Hoey’s song “Devil’s On The Phone” in the new season of DICE!! Catch the track on the closing credits of episode 7!!

Some shows are on sale now for The Brian Setzer Orchestra Japan Tour!

Friday, September 29th, 2017
The Brian Setzer Orchestra are headed to Japan early 2018! Some shows are on sale now. Click here for the list of tour dates and to purchase.
Shows on sale:
Jan. 24th – Sapporo
Jan. 29th – Tokyo
Jan. 30 – Tokyo
Feb. 2nd – Osaka
Feb. 5th – Fukuoka
More to come at a later date!