Read a great interview (including lots of company history) with our Surfdog founder here!!

[by Tommy Nast]


What a pleasure it is this week to feature a truly passionate, amazingly bright, sensationally fun and consistently successful guy that I might consider walking in front of a car for. Well, that might be a bit much but having known Dave Kaplan for decades now I have seen first hand just how all of those accolades are completely truthful.

As head of Surfdog and DKM Dave’s versatility shines daily with the talent he constantly works with. From Brian Setzer to Butt Hole Surfers to Glen Campbell to Burning Of Rome, oh and did we mention an artist by the name of Eric Clapton who just happens to be a part of Dave’s world now and on top of it all he gets to do it in the most inspiring offices in Encinitas, California!


Read on and enjoy as Dave is really one of the best.



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