BSO "Christmas Comes Alive!"

As we mentioned earlier this summer, we're going to continue making available various live material from the archives.  Some new, some old. On October 12th comes the sizzlin' live Christmas album called "Christmas Comes Alive!" Taken mostly from the BSO's 2009 show in Knoxville, TN, this 15-song CD is guaranteed to put some rockin' in your egg nog!
Then...two weeks later on October 26th, we've got more Setzer-show comin' your way.  And this time you'll get to hear AND see it! This is the gig that everyone's been asking for -- the BSO's amazing performance, opening the Montreal Jazz Festival in front of 200,000 people, will be on DVD!!  The show looks and sounds spectacular.  We're honestly so proud of this that, if you buy it directly from Surfdog's website, watch it and if you don't LOVE it,send it back within two weeks and we'll write you a check for your money back!  It's that good!  (We can only do this if you buy directly from us since we don't have these kind of returns agreements with 3rd-party retailers like Amazon or physical retail stores).  Every song from that night is included along with bonus footage from the pre-show press conference. (If you want the stand-alone audio, that will be available too, digital only, through iTunes and most all other digital stores).



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